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Ground Pro LLC aims to cover all their clients' outdoor needs. Whether it is commercial or residential maintenance, landscape design or construction, maintain your parking lots, or removing the snow for you, Ground Pro has got you covered.

With state of the art equipment and an attentive, professional staff, Ground Pro is able to meet all of your outdoor landscape and maintenance concerns in a timely manner.

View the various services available with Ground Pro below.

commercial maintenance

Ground Pro provides the finishing touches transforming a lackluster building into a distinctive property with prestige and sophistication. Ground Pro maintains vibrant landscape settings residential and commercial buildings.


landscape design/construction

Groud Pro has resources to provide high-quality landscape installation from concept to completion. Over the years, we have formed alliances with many special trades that allow us to perform a wide spectrum of services.


residential maintenance

All workmanship by Ground Pro will meet the highest quality standards and will be in accordance with accepted horticultural practices. All your concerns are handled within a timely manner. Ground Pro aims to please.




Ground Pro knows the importance of effective and efficient snow removal. We provide services to alleviate all your snow stress that comes with the season. Contact us to take care of your snow removal needs.                          

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 outdoor lighting 

Ground Pro can take the outside of your home and bring it to its best potential. Adding light to the outside of your home provides aesthetic and safelty values.  

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 parking lot maintenance

Your parking lot is what makes the first impression upon potential clients and those who pass by. Keeping it maintained and clean is a lot of work, and a vital asset to your company. Ground Pro takes over the responsibilities for you.


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